8 dicembre 2010

52 Commercial Road: 2010 A Wreck Provides An Excellent Foundation


Considerando che il Post-Rock è morto (?) potevo anche catalogarlo come Alternative-Rock ed avrei fatto un figurone, ma fino a quando ci sono dischi così cazzutti (genialmente cazzuti), il Post-Rock continuerà a rigenerarsi e non potrà che renderci felici di ascoltarlo.

“...emotive soundscapes built on fragile foundations become crescendous taking the listener to introspective worlds never explored...”

“...is filled with meandering soundscapes explorations topped off with choral vocals. Throw in spoken word samples and you get a haunting collection of songs that is continuation of Pink Floyd ca. Atom Heart Mother...”
“...by adding instruments and loops as a song progresses. It's all about structures settling into a slow groove - subliminal math rock that is smart and subtle...”

Tommy Brooks - guitars, sequencer, synth, voice
Tom Coult - violin
Patrick Evans - guitar, bass, keys, synth, voice
Josh Isaacs - bass
Ben Sayeed - drums

1. Reaching Sade 7:27
2. In Floods And Droughts 4:49
3. Tape 4:25
4. Leonard Talks To His Rifle 15:01
5. Derelict 8:08 
6. Kadmar 4:42
7. Praise Nor Infamy 12:01

...Their self released debut album has sold hundreds of copies and can be downloaded for free...


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