31 dicembre 2008

Ascolti 2008

I mei gioiellini cinque anni fa

Classifiche non ne faccio. Sperando di non aver dimenticato nulla, questo è ciò che ho ascoltato di nuovo quest'anno. Buon anno e tanta (veramente tanta) salute per un sereno 2008, Addison.
A Weather: Cove (08)
Alamaailman Vasarat: Maahan (07)
Anathallo: Canopy Glow (08)
Antony & the Johnsons: The Crying Light (09)
Architecture in Helsinki: Like it or Not EP (08)
Arms and Sleepers: Black Paris 86 (08)
Arizona Glowing Bird (08)
Ayreon: 01011001 (08)
Baby Dee: Safe Inside The Day (08)
Baja: Wolfshour (08)
Bark, Hide and Horn: National Road (08)
Beast, Please Be Still: Beast, Please Be Still (08)
Bellowhead: Matachin (08)
Black Mountain: In The Future (08)
Blue Sky Black Death: Late Night Cinema (08)
Carcrashlander: Carcrashlander (08)
Cloud Cult: Feel Good Ghosts (08)
Coldplay: Viva La Vida (08)
Corde Oblique: Volonta Darte (07)
Crystal Antlers: Crystal Antlers EP (08)
Current 93: Birth Canal Blues (08)
Darla Farmer: Rewiring The Electric Forest (08)
David Byrne and Brian Eno: Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (08)
Dengue Fever: Venus On Earth (08)
DeVotchKa: A Mad and Faithful Telling (08)
Elbow: The Seldom Seen Kid (08)
Entire Cities: Deep River (08)
Ereipia: Ereipia (08)
Erik Enocksson: Farväl Falkenberg (07)
Erik Enocksson: With Its Dark Tail Curled 'Round The Garage (08)
Final Fantasy: Spectrum, 14th Century EP (08)
Fleet Foxes: Ragged Wood (08)
Forest City Lovers: Haunting Moon Sinking (08)
Gazpacho: Night (07)
Get Well Soon: Rest Now, Weary Head!...(08)
Glissando: With Our Arms Wide Open We March Towards The Burning Sea (08)
Grails: Take Refuge in Clean Living (08)
Gregor Samsa: Rest (08)
Guillemots: Red (08)
Hans-Joachim Roedelius & Tim Story: Inlandish (08)
Hey Rosetta!: Into Your Lungs (08)
Human Bell: Human Bell (08)
Joe Jackson: Rain (08)
Johann Johannsson: Fordlândia (08)
Jonny Greenwood: There Will Be Blood (07)
Kashiwa Daisuke: Program Music I (07)
Katkhuda: A Long Way From Somewhere (08)
Kila: Gambler’s Ballet (07)
Kip Winger: From The Moon To The Sun (08)
Lackthereof: Your Anchor (08)
LAL: Deportation (08)
Lemon Kittens: We Buy a Hammer for Daddy (08)
Leo Abrahams: Unrest Cure (08)
Man Man: Rabbit Habits (08)
Marching Band: Spark Large (08)
Matt Elliott: Howling Songs (08)
Micah P. Hinson: Micah P. Hinson and the Red Empire Orchestra (08)
Micah P. Hinson: The Surrender EP (08)
Mike Patton: A Perfect Place (08)
Mogwai: The Hawk is Howling (08)
Mudcrutch: Mudcrutch (08)
Murder by Death: Red of Tooth and Claw (08)
My Brightest Diamond: A Thousand Shark’s Teeth (08)
My Brightest Diamond: Bring Me The Workhorse (06)
MØN: demo (07)
Nils Petter Molvaer: Re-Vision (08)
Okay: Huggable Dust (08)
Okkervil River: The Stand Ins (08)
Olafur Arnalds: Variations of Static (08)
Oren Ambarchi: In The Pendulum's Embrace (07)
Organic Stereo: The Stories Linger in My Mind (08)
Paul Weller: 22 Dreams (08)
Peter Broderick: Float (08)
Port O'Brien: All We Could Do Was Sing (08)
Portishead: Third (08)
Red Sparowes: Aphorisms EP (08)
Robert Owens: Night-time Stories (08)
Rosa Crux: Lux In Tenebris Lucet (08)
Sandro Perri: Tiny Mirrors (07)
Scott Matthew: Scott Matthew (08)
Shearwater: Rook (08)
Shearwater: The Snow Leopard EP (08)
Sigur Rós: Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust (08)
StoneRider: Three Legs of Trouble (08)
Strangers Die Every Day: Aperture For Departure (08)
Subtle: ExitingARM (08)
Sunny Day Sets Fire: Summer Palace (08)
Syd Matters: Ghost Days (08)
The (Fallen) Black Deer: These Halls are Full of Blood (08)
The Black Angels: Directions To See A Ghost (08)
The Curse of Company: Leo Magnets Joins a Gang (08)
The Decemberists: Always The Bridesmaid A Singles Series (08)
The Dresden Dolls: No, Virginia... (08)
The Dø: A Mouthful (08)
The Envy Corps: Dwell (08)
The Fairline Parkway A Memory Of Open Space (08)
The Lofty Pillars: Amsterdam (01)
The Mars Volta: The Bedlam in Goliath (08)
The Memory Band: Apron Strings (07)
The Mumlers: Thickets & Stitches (08)
The National: The Virginia EP (08)
The Rural Alberta Advantage: Hometowns (08)
The Walkmen: You & Me (08)
The Wet Secrets: Rock Fantasy (08)
Thee Silver Mt Zion: 13 Blues For Thirteen Moons (08)
These New Puritans: Beat Pyramid (08)
Thieves & Liars: When Dreams Become Reality (08)
Thomas Walter: T/W (08)
Timesbold: ill seen ill sung (08)
Trail Of Dead: Festival Thyme (08)
Vic Chesnutt Elf Power: Dark Developments (08)
Vic Chesnutt: The Salesman and Bernadette (01)
We Just Stole A Car: we just stole a car (08)
White Hinterland: Phylactery Factory (08)
Why?: Alopecia (08)
Willard Grant Conspiracy: Mojave (99)
Willard Grant Conspiracy: Pilgrim Road (08)
William Fitzsimmons: The Sparrow And The Crow (08)
Wooden Shjips: Holy Mountain (07)
Yoav: Charmed & Strange (08)

8 dicembre 2008

Okay: Huggable Dust

Altro, soft-pop d'autore
Marty Anderson è uno sfigato con una voce quasi fastidiosa ma affascinante alla Windmill, che interpreta disperati e splendidi inni d'amore alla donna amata, appena persa a favore del suo miglior amico (bella zoccola).
Non solo.
E' uno sfigato afflitto dal morbo di Crohn, in un insieme di sangue e merda.
Non basta ancora.
E' uno sfigato che fa un grande disco, ma non se lo caga nessuno: 18 canzoncine, talvolta molto natalizie, in un insieme di stili musicali, che scorrono via che è un piacere.
L'ho sempre detto: "nella vita ci vuole anche culo. Tanto culo".
E Marty, apparte un po' di merda al culo, non ce l'ha davvero.
1. My
2. Only
3. Tragedy
4. Nightmare
5. Loveless
6. Peaceful
7. Natural
8. Hot-Wired
9. Simple
10. Panda
11. Bellashakti
12. Beast
13. Proof
14. Truce
15. Pretend
16. Huggable Dust
17. Already
18. Asleep